Yoga thoughts 

  1. Can we just stay in child’s pose for the whole class?
  2. Why do we hold downward dog this long? My dog does it for like a second, maybe 2.
  3. Ouch my hips are stiff!
  4. I will keep my eyes closed, I will be zen … I have opened my eyes so I don’t fall.
  5. What kind of warrior stands like this?
  6. Who knew standing still could be this hard …
  7. Is it time for Shavasana yet?
  8. Ahh pigeon pose … The better your form, the more it hurts. I kind of like that.
  9. Happy baby really does feel better if you smile.
  10. Shavasana… Clear my mind … What should I make for lunch? Do I need more groceries? Laundry done? That work assignment is so annoying … Oh wait clear my mind, relax … Seriously what am I eating after this.
  11. Namaste

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Friday Five

Well the first full work week of 2016 is almost in the books and I should get back to my actual job but first I’ll attempt to create a regular feature. my “Friday Five.” It’s intended purpose is to be a list of things on my mind going into the weekend.

Here we go!

  1. To paraphrase the great Christopher Walken, “I’ve got a fever and the prescription is more CrossFit!” I’ll be kicking off my weekend with a WOD tonight at my box, StrengthRx CrossFit (
    *Buzzfeed (one of my all time favorite sites) did a video feature with our box! Check it out here:
  2. Is it weird that I am mildly obsessed with my new bed risers? Put them on our bed last night and minutes later instantly had more storage space (which I promptly filled up). I must be growing up because I get more excited about home cleaning and storage products/projects then I used to.
    Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers, Set, 8-inch Bed Riser and Bed Lifts
  3. Excited, inspired and looking for direction would be my feelings about this blogging adventure. Will it lead somewhere? I have no idea but it’s fun to have an outlet for my ideas, humor and passions.
  4. I ate soup for breakfast today, sounds weird but it was awesome! A cup of homemade sweet potato coconut curry soup with an egg and peas on top made for a filling, low-carb and delicious start to my day. I should have taken a picture!
  5. I think this delicious Beef Bulgogi Bowl ( is on the menu this weekend! Thanks for the recipe Juli Bauer ( Your blog is one of many that inspired me to start doing this!

That’s all for today! Enjoy the weekend!