A tale of Two Thursdays

(Yes I know it’s Tuesday)

Welcome to the last week of January … how are we already here? It’s going to be a busy week here because our best friend is coming to visit and my hubs birthday is on Sunday. So posting may get more sparse than normal later in the week.

Now to the heart of the matter …

Last Thursday was a notable day for two reasons.

First off, the #40DayChallenge I’ve mentioned in my last two posts began. So far so good. Eating more protein then I ever thought I could and feeling the burn from some great workouts at my gym (Strength Rx Crossfit … if you are in West LA, check them out!). I feel energized and ready for each challenge that comes my way. My biggest challenge with this challenge is going to be time, I am going away for work from 5-13 February and again from 24-26 February. That means at least 10 days without being able to log a class in at the gym (we need 30 classes in 40 days) and the challenges of eating on the road. Guess I’ll be the girl in the airport with a shaker bottle and protein powder in her carry on along with bars and snacks from Whole Foods. #fitgirlproblems

The second reason … I found out that an immediate family member has cancer.

I’ll just let that hang here for a minute

If you’re thinking wow that fucking sucks, you could not be more correct. It really does and definitely threw my world for a loop. I worked out my initial anxiety at the gym and it comes in waves as I’ve gotten used to the idea, cancer in my immediate family. Sure I can tell myself that it’s not a super “serious” form, very treatable and the odds are in our favor but then I come back to the fact that it really fucking sucks. Additionally, I am 3,000 miles from this person and cannot be there to help. This fucking sucks … did I say that already?

That Thursday was the diagnosis and this Thursday, in a shitty mirrored way, we get the prognosis. In two days, really less than that, we’ll have a plan of action and the treatment phase begins. I’m not sure yet how much I want to talk about that here but it’s on my mind, my heart, and in my life so it will probably end up here more than I plan on … I’ll try not to be obnoxious and over indulge, abusing your good will. Lots of people get cancer or have family members with it, but this is my family and it’s my blog so I’ll write what I want which may mean venting about it.

To that end …#FuckCancer

That’s all she said.

Source: http://www.whowhatwear.com/tom-ford-quotes/slide13
Source: http://www.whowhatwear.com/tom-ford-quotes

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