Starting Line

As promised yesterday, here are my official stats to start the 40 Day Challenge.


Right Arm – 12″

Shoulders – 41.5″

Bust – 36″

Waist – 30.5″

Hips – 41.5″

Right Thigh – 23.3″

Weight 153

BMI 22.0

Body Fat 23.5% 

Goal – Increase muscle mass and reduce Body Fat Percentage to 20%

Today is off to a good start nutriton wise; 

  • Yummy breakfast of carbs and protein (see Twitter) 
  • Took my fish oil, vitamin D and iron
  • Drank 36 oz of water so far (daily goal of 77oz) 

And I’m on to my first protein shake of the day, 36g of pea protein mixed with 10oz of plain unsweetened almond milk.

Back to work now at my real job, for now that’s all she said. 


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