40 days & 40 nights

Starting tomorrow I embark on a 40-day challenge at my CrossFit box. The rules call for 30 classes in 40 days, increased water consumption, daily fish oil supplements and diet modifications. No sugar and low/no carbs … Basically a paleo diet. The goal is to have the greatest change in body composition measured by body fat percentage, weight and measurements.

I finished in third place during our last challenge in June (top female finisher) and more importantly I jump started a lifestyle change that I’ve stuck to ever since. That challenge put me on the path to lose 20lbs over the course of 2015 and feel healthier then ever eating a clean, paleo diet 80-90% of the time … Life is too short to pass up great non-paleo foods all the time. 

As we begin this new challenge, my favorite trainer wants me to try something a little different this time. Instead of losing weight, I need to eat more and build muscle. 

To be honest, I recoiled internally at the thought. I’m not sure I’m mentally prepared to deal with trying to make gains. I admit that seeing the number go down on the scale feels good and now I’m afraid to lose that feeling. I’m afraid to lose that confidence I’ve gained by getting to my high school weight again. What if I lose that and don’t get the muscle tone that I am hoping to get?? Then I’m just fat again and I don’t want to feel that way. 

It’s a big psychological hurdle for me … I’m really good at clean eating and getting the weight off. And I really enjoy being skinny again. I never thought I could be one of those ripped girls with great flat abs and defined muscles throughout. I learned to accept the softer parts of my body… Which are wonderful and feminine, but never could be overcome. I decided long ago that I never could be that girl, it just wasn’t in my wheelhouse.

To be clear, I dont want to look like a body builder but like someone who takes care of their body. Model skinny is something I could reach (I’m 5’10” so it’s in my wheelhouse) but do I really want that? Or do I want to realize the strength that exists within me? 

So despite my reservations I am going to give it a shot, see what I’m capable of and attempt to safely and naturally shed body fat and put on muscle. My favorite trainer Mike is going to help me get a meal plan together. Big breakfasts, medium lunches and smaller dinners. Clean eating that includes healthy carbs to fuel my body and protein throughout the day. 

I’m not going to use any supplements besides a daily scoop or two of 100% pure pea protein (I like this one, Now Sports Pea Protein) and maybe some pre-workout to give me energy. I want to find a vegan, all-natural one. Any suggestions? 

It’s time to be see what the stronger me looks like. I’ll post on here regularly about my progress, my diet and I’ll even share my weight and other stats.

Wish me luck!  

Source: Reasons to be Fit (Pinterest @reasons2befit)

Cover image – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/47639708536614026/



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