Shorty in the house

This will be a short post and the first written from my desk at home at instead of work, hence the title.

Here are some goals/aspirations/ideas for the purpose and direction of this blog … Disclaimer: I may or may not disregard any or all of these at a later date and time.

-Food that I want to share … I’ve realized over the last few years that while I love to cook others view it as a mysterious art so I would like to add my voice to mix and help demystify cooking.

-LA thoughts … for serious yo, this city inspires, angers and amuses me on a regular basis. I will love sharing short lists, reviews and whatever I can about this place as a way to remember it forever.

-Fashion/Beauty … superficial maybe but we all gotta look good, whatever that means to us. I am always on a quest to find my style and perfect the right look for me. Perhaps writing about it will help me figure that out.

-Relationships/the big life stuff … I have a voice and opinion as valid as any Huffpost, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog or other site writer about life, love and relationships. I want to share what I’ve learned and continue to find out from my 7+ year relationship and the lessons on friendship and love that moving can teach you.

-Photos … yes I have Instagram for that but it never hurts to share them again. I love getting good pictures but I always aim for great ones.

For tonight, that’s all she said.



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